Favourable and unfavourable attitudes of young female residents toward middle eastern male tourists

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Advanced Science Letters


American Scientific Publishers

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United States


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Suhud, U., & Willson, G. (2017). Favourable and unfavourable attitudes of young female residents toward Middle Eastern male tourists. Advanced Science Letters, 23(1), 422-426. https://doi.org/10.1166/asl.2017.7204


The main objectives of this study are to explore the attitudes of young female residents in the Cisarua subdistrict of West Java Province in Indonesia, towards Middle Eastern male tourists. The study seeks to confirm that this attitude is not a single variable. The authors found difficulty in inviting women who had an experience in contract marriage. Therefore, for this mixed-methods study a projective technique was applied involving young female residents aged 14 to 19 years. For the qualitative stage, data were taken by interviewing 90 participants and analysed using content analysis. The results were adapted into quantitative indicators. For the quantitative stage, data was collected using a survey with 199 usable questionnaires. The authors analysed the data using exploratory and confirmatory factor (structural equation model) analyses. The findings indicate that attitudes of young female residents towards Middle Eastern men are not a single variable: the first variable is a favourable attitude towards Middle Eastern men with two dimensions–benefit to the host and benefit to the tourists. The second variable is unfavourable attitude towards Middle Eastern men, consists of two dimensions–tourists as a villain and tourist as a lust seeker.



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