Information security policies: A review of challenges and influencing factors

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.

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Alotaibi, M., Furnell, S., & Clarke, N. (2017). Information security policies: A review of challenges and influencing factors. In Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), 2016 11th International Conference for (pp. 352-358). IEEE. Available here.


Organisations increasingly perceive their employees as a great asset that needs to be cared for; however, at the same time, they view employees as one of the biggest potential threats to their cyber security. Employees are widely acknowledged to be responsible for security breaches in organisations, and it is important that these are given as much attention as are technical issues. A significant number of researchers have argued that non-compliance with information security policy is one of the major challenges facing organisations. This is primarily considered to be a human problem rather than a technical issue. Thus, it is not surprising that employees are one of the major underlying causes of breaches in information security. In this paper, academic literature and reports of information security institutes relating to policy compliance are reviewed. The objective is to provide an overview of the key challenges surrounding the successful implementation of information security policies. A further aim is to investigate the factors that may have an influence upon employees' behaviour in relation to information security policy. As a result, challenges to information security policy have been classified into four main groups: security policy promotion; noncompliance with security policy; security policy management and updating; and shadow security. Furthermore, the factors influencing behaviour have been divided into organisational and human factors. Ultimately, this paper concludes that continuously subjecting users to targeted awareness raising and dynamically monitoring their adherence to information security policy should increase the compliance level.



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