Imperceptible Realities [Exhibition] and artist talk

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Robinson, S. (2015). Imperceptible Realities [Solo Exhibition] and artist talk. Perth: Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University, Artist talk: 29th October, 2015, Exhibition 30th October to 12 November, 2015.


Imperceptible Realities at Spectrum Project Space explores the notion of the ‘real’ in an increasingly digitalised world. Sarah Robinson is a Perth based contemporary artist who works with traditional etching techniques and 3D print technologies.

Ms Robinson said, “My creative practice crosses into the digital realm that is negotiated by instruments. The instruments of photogrammetry computer software and 3D print have been used to produce creative works for Imperceptible Realities.”

To create her works Ms Robinson went underground, into caves, “I drew in these caves, in the dark but with my eyes closed. I realised the impact this experience had on my body; I learnt that caves breathe.”

During her research she became aware of the Crystal Cave Crangonyctoid (Cave Shrimp). Ms Robinson said that after leaving Crystal Cave her intentions lay in an experimental approach to her creative practice.

This led to experiments with computer software to create a mesh suitable to produce a 3D print of a Crangonyctoid Amphipod. A 3D print inspired by a creature once unique to Crystal Cave but now an extinct Gondwanaland relic.

“I hope that visitors to my exhibition Imperceptible Realties will consider the impact a digital aesthetic has with our engagement of the real world,” Ms Robinson said.

“I hope they may reflect upon the impact of looking through pixels and how it may effect our visual perception of what we experience around us in the real world,” she said.

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