Exemplifying formative assessment practices in the field through case study: Concepts, issues, and challenges

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Dann, C.E., & Dann. B. (2018). Exemplifying Formative Assessment Practices in the Field Through Case Study: Concepts, Issues, and Challenges. In Richardson, T., O'Neill, S., Dann, B., & Dann, C. (Eds). Formative assessment practices for pre-service teacher practicum feedback : emerging research and opportunities. (pp.76-112). Hershey, PA : IGI Global. Available here.


Practicum experiences are central to preservice teacher programs worldwide and ideally represent the component that unites university learning with practical learning in the field. This chapter examines the feedback processes between one preservice teacher and the supervising teacher during a four-week practicum. The supervising teacher used an iPad® and App to collect video and associated data to support the provision of feedback on the preservice teacher's performance and practice. A case study approach was used and included pre- and post- interviews as well as analysis of data collected through the CeMeE App by the supervising teacher. The results indicated both the supervising teacher and preservice teacher were able to constructively use the video feedback process to support their reflective dialogue. Key issues for action and future research included the value of the innovative process of collecting evidence, delivering feedback to preservice teachers, and the alignment of evidence against the professional standards for teachers.



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