Transformative academic development: Complexity and convergence

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Smart technology applications in business environments


IGI Global

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Hershey, Pennsylvania


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Singh, K. (2017). Transformative academic development: Complexity and convergence. In T. Issa, P. Kommers, T. Issa, P. Isaías & T. B. Issa (Eds.), Smart Technology Applications in Business Environments (pp. 276-302). IGI Global. Available here.


In a dynamically changing higher education environment, a deep understanding and facilitation of relevant and flexible academic development is vitally important organisationally. A qualitative case study methodology was employed to analyse the organisational positioning and design of academic development as a means of gaining insights into the needs, challenges and evolutionary trends occurring at one university. A non-linear organisational-level data analysis based on triangulation from document study, direct observation, and experiential and reflective knowledge, provided theoretical and practical insights into how academic development is embodied institutionally. A design perspective revealed the characterisation of an expanded remit, as complex, contradictory and complementary. The study concluded that new configurations in the practice of academic development are convergent in nature, integrating a transformative agenda representational of professional learning trends globally. An important implication this study raises is the mounting influence the application of smart technologies can play in the area of training and development within business organisations.



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