Voice and national identity in Big Hero 6

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Book Chapter

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Transcultural screenwriting: Telling stories for a global world


Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Ferrell, R. (2017). Voice and national identity in Big Hero 6. In C. S. Brenes, P. Cattrysse, & M. McVeigh (Eds.). Transcultural Screenwriting: Telling Stories for a Global World. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Available here.


This chapter argues that screenwriters inscribe voice within their screenplays when writing, and that this occurs through the choices they make which form the screenplay text. The chapter begins by defining voice, and suggests that voice can be understood to carry a national inflection because the writing is informed by the writer’s personal identity including national identity. I propose a framework which represents craft decisions and choices of content through which screenplays can be interrogated for voice. Having laid these foundations, I proceed to extend the question of voice to the Disney-Pixar children’s animation film Big Hero 6 (2014) on the basis that filmmakers too, can add to the voice as they make choices related to realising the screenplay text on film...

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