A discrete event simulation for hierarchical mobile IPv6

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Journal Article

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Wireless Personal Communications


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Noura, M., Ahmad, I., Noura, A., & Nordin, R. (2017). A discrete event simulation for hierarchical mobile IPv6. Wireless Personal Communications, 95(4), 4883-4901. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11277-017-4130-6


In recent years’ simulators like the open source tool ns-2, and commercial software’s like OPNET have included Mobile IPv6 extensions in order to provide analysis for advanced Mobile IPv6 system development. Although these simulators are among the significant simulators, however, they have a tendency to be specific to hardware, vast integrated components, complex and the need of licensing cost for commercial simulators. To strike an ideal balance in gauging these tradeoffs and to further complement the repository of simulators, this study deliberates the details of a general-purpose programming language based Discrete Event Simulation for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6. This paper has incorporated a call admission control algorithm as an example to validate the simulator for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6. A Fuzzy Inference System based call admission control has been used as a benchmark deployment algorithm. The base model has been extensively analyzed and the set of parameters (simulation and non-simulation parameters), events, performance metrics and other fundamental elements has been derived. The Fuzzy Inference based call admission control is studied and evaluated against the benchmark model. The results demonstrate that the developed discrete event simulator has effectively produced the benchmark results and verified that the new simulator has effectively become a dependable selection for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 performance analysis.



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