Students' perceptions of problem solving through a pair instruction technique in calculus class

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Siam Technology College


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Originally published as: Gulatee, Y. (2017). Students' perceptions of problem solving through a pair instruction technique in calculus class. International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management, 25(1), 32-38. Original article available here


This research aimed to study: 1) the integration of the instruction of a calculus class of Information Technology Department, the Faculty of Management Sciences and Information Technology (FMIT), Nakhon Phanom University (NPU); 2) the improvement of instructional process efficiency; and 3) students' satisfaction of Pair Instruction technique (PIT). The sample of this study composed of 33 randomized students from the 3rd and 4th year student at NPU. A five-rating scale questionnaire with 97% confidence level was used to collect data. Percentage, mean, standard deviation, dependent t-test were used to analyze the obtained data. It was found that all items asking students’ satisfaction of PIT in calculus class got the highest mean in every facet. The students were happy with the PIT. They thought that the PIT was more useful than a conventional instruction, could increase their solutions, provided them with better perception, helped them with team working, and helped them helped them obtain better grades. According to the face-to-face interview, from 30 students of the sample, it can be concluded that 84.85 percent of the students needed information technology practical and the PIT in their classes. They thought that the technique improved their perceptions and provided them with a collaborative work environment.

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