Improving the monitoring of student performance: the development of an enterprise learning and instructional support (ELIS) platform

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Bense, K., Brooker, M., & Garrett, M. (2016, November). Improving the monitoring of student performance: The development of an enterprise learning and instructional support (ELIS) platform. In Proceedings of the 6 th International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation (ICERI2016) (pp. 4069-4077). IATED Academy. Abstract Available here.


The assessment of individual student learning is difficult and time-consuming, and there is the need for improved monitoring of student performance information. The Virtuoso Enterprise Learning and Instructional Support (ELIS) platform, developed by CingleVue International, is a brand new software solution that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of student learning experiences from Kindergarten to Tertiary. Drawing on applied research, the evolution and development of the software is informed by evidence-based data and research analysis. Powered by data mining and innovative analytics, such as performance tracking, learning analytics, and social network analysis, the platform facilitates the development and management of individual learning strategies for students. Individual Learning Plans, student progress and learning outcomes, collaborative learning, and evidence-based feedback, are just some of the activities that can now be documented and communicated between students, guardians, teachers, and administrators. The software equips teachers with the technology to monitor student progress and to identify and assess students at risk of academic and school disengagement, including those in need of extension. This will not only support a more accurate targeting of students with the highest need, but also the implementation of evidencebased assessment and intervention strategies. The platform has the potential to transform education and to make a difference to the experiences of students, parents, teachers, and administrators, although this will depend on the unique situation and goals of each organisation implementing the software.



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