The roll of Twitter in B2B knowledge exchange and innovation

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Conference Proceeding


International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise


School of Business and Law




Cripps, H., Mejtoft, T., & Sign, A.K. (2016). The role of Twitter in B2B knowledge exchange and innovation. In Research Papers on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise, IV, (pp.27-45). International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise. Conference proceedings Available here.


Today, social media technologies are being used for an array of applications in-cluding as platforms to crowdsource funds, information and products. One of the most used social media channels for business communication is Twitter. The ob-jective of this study is to enhance the understanding about the use of Twitter in business relationships. Through 52 interviews conducted across 5 countries in 2015, it was found that Twitter users engaged in business-to-business relationship valued characteristics such as information quality, authenticity and industry influ-ence in the people they followed. One of the primarily uses of Twitter in the B2B context was for information exchange and innovation. The study also conducted textual analysis using the Correlated Topic Modelling Method approach on the open ended responses concerning Twitter strategy and the interviewees‘ perception on favouring and retweeting behaviour. It was found that Twitter had a role to play in developing and supporting innovation

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