We could play that last century: Archiving digital 20th century digital performing arts in Western Australia

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Conference Proceeding


Australian Music Centre

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Ulitmo, New South Wales


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts




Originally published as: Travers, M., & Hope, C. (2016). We could play that last century: Archiving 20th Century digital performing arts in Western Australia. In Sound Scripts. 5, (pp.15-18). Ultimo, NSW: Australian Music Centre. Available here.


The launch of the Western Australian New Music Archive presents an opportunity to reflect on the materials that have been collected for it, and what materials could be included into collections such as this for the future to increase the possibility that works created by Western Australian composers since 1970 will be re-performed in the future. What need is there to preserve the electronic instruments of the 20th and 21st century? This paper used a recent example of a Western Australian artwork, and interviews with Western Australian composers of electronic music who have been active in the late 20th century to demonstrate some local challenges and successes in the preservation of digital artworks and compositions within 50 years of their creation