Strategies for graduate success

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Book Chapter


The Curious Academic Publishing

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Franklin, ACT


Vaidya, K.


School of Business and Law




Originally published as: Wilkins, H. C., & Jackson, D. (2016). Strategies for graduate success. In K Vaidya (Ed), Business Management for the Curious, (pp. 150-170), Franklin ACT: The Curious Academic Publishing.


Why are you planning to study a business degree? For most of you the answer will relate to getting a job, or a better job, and to underpin your planned career, whatever that may be. This outcome of the degree, career enhancement, is fairly generic for most young people although in some areas, such as social work, religious studies and nursing there may also be altruistic objectives that motivate the career choice. There is research to support this with a Bachelor degree leasing to enhanced employment outcomes including better salaries and more success in finding the preferred job (Graduate Careers Australia [GCA], 2015a). However it is an inescapable fact that in the twenty first century qualifications are critical for most people to get the hobs they want, and this is especially true in a discipline such as business. There are obviously the exceptions, who manage to build great careers without a supporting qualification but they are rare exceptions, and often emerge from other skill sets such as entrepreneurism. Given this overarching rationale to take a business degree it becomes even more important to make sure you manage your degree to make sure you come out as a winner when it comes to getting that really good job. This chapter will highlight the importance of certain activities, which extend beyond your discipline units an provides a rationale to make sure you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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