Data security among ISO/IEEE 11073 compliant personal healthcare devices through statistical fingerprinting

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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Chaudhry, J., Qidwai, U., Miraz, M. H., Ibrahim, A., & Valli, C. (2017, May). Data security among ISO/IEEE 11073 compliant healthcare devices through statistical fingerprinting. Paper presented at the 9th IEEE-GCC Conference and Exhibition (GCCCE), Manama, Bahrain.


The translation of healthcare data into a unified format e.g. Health Level Seven (HL7) and sensors transmitting their readings data periodically provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate statistical fingerprinting. The security of healthcare data has been of prime importance in recent years. However due to technological limitations at leaf nodes in a Healthcare Information System (HIS), it is not always possible to use cryptographic protocols for data security. A smart alternative of data obfuscation is Statistical Fingerprinting (SF). In this paper, we provide important insights into our research in healthcare data security and the use of statistical fingerprinting in HL7 communication protocols. We substantiate the conversion of sensor data through the SF into HL7 format and define policies of a seamless switch to a non HL7-based non-secure HIS to a secure HIS.

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