Sponsorship and sport mega-events

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Book Chapter

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Managing Sport Mega-Events



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London, England


Frawley, S.


School of Business and Law




Morgan, A., Frawley, S., Fujak, H., & Cobourn, S. (2017). Sponsorship and sport mega-events. In S. Frawley (Ed.), Managing sport mega-events (pp. 105-120). Routledge. Available here


Professional sport has become reliant on commercially generated revenue, namely through sponsorship partnerships and broadcast rights fees. Sport mega-events in particular, are highly dependent on the financial and resource investment of their sponsorship partners. Over the past 30 years, not only has sponsorship emerged as a major source of revenue for sport events, it is also a key marketing tool for sponsoring companies. Moreover, worldwide sponsorship has become a critical component of marketing communications strategies. Global sponsorship expenditure has escalated from US$2 billion in 1984 (Sponsorship Research International, 1998, cited in Meenaghan & Shipley, 1999) to US$55.3 billion in 2014 (IEG, 2015a). Sport accounts for the majority of global sponsorship spend, receiving approximately 70 per cent of sponsor investment (Chadwick, Liu & Thwaites, 2014). As sponsorship has proliferated over the last three decades, the manner by which it has been activated and leveraged has changed significantly. Sport sponsorship has evolved into a major industry in the global marketplace. This chapter discusses the growth of sponsorship and related trends within the sport mega-event industry.

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