Reading migrant women: Combining story-telling and story making in an lntercultural 'Narrative of Practice'

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Murphy, R. & Stevenson, K.J. (2017). Reading migrant women: Combining story-telling and story making in an lntercultural 'Narrative of Practice'. ln P. Burnard,V. Ross, H.J. Minors, K. Powell,T. Dragovic & E. Mackinlay (Eds.) Building fntercultural and Interdisciplinary Bridges: Where Theory Meets Research and Practice. An open access e-book of selected articles from “BIBAC2016 International Conference. (pp.20-30). Cambridge,U.K.: BIBACC Publishing. Available here.


This chapter arises from the intersection of two research projects conducted at Edith Cowan University (ECU): the practice-led PhD research project by Dr Rashida Murphy, and the qualitative PhD study of practice-led artist-researchers by Kylie Stevenson in which Rashida was a participant. This paper takes two perspectives, an insider’s view and an outsider’s view, in order to construct a ‘narrative of practice’ about Rashida’s PhD research. The insider view sees Rashida document her research investigating the experiences of women from India and Iran who migrated to Australia, which resulted in her exegesis ‘Monsters and Memory’ and her creative component, the recently published novel ‘The Historian’s Daughter’. This insider view will discuss how Rashida exploited the unique potential of practice-led research to generate personally situated knowledge, both about her migrant women subjects and her own writing practice. The outsider’s view by Kylie Stevenson will illustrate how this knowledge can be conceptualised as a ‘narrative of practice’ (Murphy 2012,21) that was co-constructed through structured reflective practice with Rashida in Stevenson’s project ‘Creative River Journeys’ and how it can serve as a new way of modelling knowledge in practice-led research.

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