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James, S., Hope, C., Vickery, L., Wyatt, A., Carey, B., Fu, X., & Hajdu, G. (2017). Establishing connectivity between the existing networked music notation packages, Decibel Score Player and MaxScore. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation (pp. 171–183). Spain: Universidade da Coruña.


In this paper we outline a collaboration where live internet-based and local collaboration between research groups/musicians from Decibel New Music Ensemble (Perth, Australia) and ZM (Hamburg, Germany), was facilitated by novel innovations in customised software solutions employed by both groups. The exchange was funded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst and Universities Australia. Both groups were previously engaged in the research and performance of similar musical repertoire such as John Cage's 'Five' (1988) and 'Variations I — VIII' (1958-67) among others, the performances of which utilise graphic, animated and extended traditional Western music notation. Preliminary steps were taken to achieve communication between the three existing network music notation packages, the Decibel ScorePlayer, MaxScore and, facilitating a merging – and ultimately an extension – of notational approaches previously prescribed by each music notation package. In addition to the technical innovations required to achieve such a project, we consider the outcomes and future directions of the project, as well as their relevance for the wider contemporary music community.



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