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Wang, C. C. (2017). Conversation with presence: A narrative inquiry into the learning experience of Chinese students studying nursing at Australian universities. Chinese Nursing Research, 4(1), 43-50. Available here


Aim: the aim of this methodological article is to reflect on and extend current understandings of the possibilities of narrative inquiry research giving voice to students, and to expand the power of story by sharing the philosophical, theoretical, and methodological considerations of narrative inquiry in an international education context. Background: there has been much discussion about the need in providing a ‘voice’ to people across the society, who feel marginalised in many contexts, including international students. There is limited research about Chinese students studying in Australia. In particular, the learning experience of Chinese nursing students has not been fully explored nor understood. Discussion: to enhance teaching and learning in international education contexts, and to cater better to international students, it is important to understand their experiences and perspectives. There is no better way to achieve this level of understanding than to let students' voices be heard, to let them speak for and about themselves because reality exists within these students' perceptions. Conclusions: in the context of international education, narrative inquiry as a research methodology, when used with sensitivity and reflexivity, through the power of stories, offers a new dimension in the international education research.



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