iMidwife: Midwifery students use of smartphone technology as a medicated educational tool in clinical environments

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Journal Article

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Contemporary Nurse


Taylor and Francis Ltd.


School of Nursing and Midwifery




DeLeo, A., & Geraghty, S. (2017). iMidwife: Midwifery students use of smartphone technology as a mediated educational tool in clinical environments. Contemporary Nurse, 54(4-5) 522-531.


Background: The increasing use of smartphone technology in health care provides midwifery students with unprecedented access to online resources that facilitates the optimal care of women and supports ongoing learning.

Problem: A small pilot study was conducted in Western Australia, with 29 undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery students to explore the use of smartphone technology whilst in clinical practice.

Aim: This study aimed to define the impact of smartphones in clinical decision-making and learning whilst in clinical areas, by midwifery students at the point of care.

Methods: An online survey was used to collect data.

Findings: Five consistent themes were identified from the results. Smartphone technology encourages self-directed learning, consolidation of theory, engagement through blended learning, complements online education in clinical practice and is a trend in the future of midwifery curriculum.

Conclusion: Smartphones enhance the learning and mobility of supportive resources that consolidate midwifery students’ clinical experience in workplace environments.



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