Mobile video feedback: When 'seeing’ informs reflection and learning

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Dann, C. (2014). Mobile feedback: when ‘seeing’ informs reflection and learning. International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education, 5(3), 1727-1734. Available here


Providing ongoing, immediate and high quality feedback about professional learning [1] and professional standards of performance, during practicum experiences; without interrupting class learning, is a formidable task and forms part of the reason as to why preservice teacher placement spaces are difficult to find in schools. A similar challenge exists for the classroom teachers when they attempt to provide immediate, high quality feedback, on student learning outcomes, to parents. The prevalence of mobile technologies, in society, brings with it a new generation of assessment that is transforming how, when, where and why assessment occurs and the associated links to teaching and learning [2]. This paper reports on the preliminary work conducted on the impact one mobile assessment system had on the reflective practice of preservice teachers and the workloads of their supervising teachers. Preliminary data suggests that teachers, preservice teachers and schools all support the use of technology, to increase the validity and reliability of assessment, in classrooms.



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