A novel approach to timbre morphology: Audio-rate control of additive synthesis

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Shanghai Conservatory of Music


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




James, S. (2017). A novel approach to timbre morphology: Audio-rate control of additive synthesis. Paper presented at the 2017 ICMC/EMW - 43rd International Computer Music Conference and the 6th International Electronic Music Week, 201-206.


This research began with a novel method of controlling large parameter sets using vectors of samples de-interleaved from audio signals, a method that has been coined a low-dimensional audio-rate control of sound synthesis. This research investigates the suitability of this method for controlling additive synthesis by coupling this with an interface for morphing between existing timbre sets. The temporal nature of such a control interface allows for a rapid and precise choreography of control, also allowing for the independent application of ring modulation, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and spatial modulation to independent oscillators. Such effects are also intended to reproduce the amplitude and frequency perturbation evident in complex sound sources, as well as providing an extended palette of timbres through the process of modulation.

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