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Chen, P., Liao, W. B., Liu, L. H., Luo, F., Wu, X. Y., Li, P. J., . . . Liu, Z. Y. (2018). Ultrafast consolidation of bulk nanocrystalline titanium alloy through ultrasonic vibration. Scientific Reports, 8(1). Available here


Nanocrystalline (NC) materials have fascinating physical and chemical properties, thereby they exhibit great prospects in academic and industrial fields. Highly efficient approaches for fabricating bulk NC materials have been pursued extensively over past decades. However, the instability of nanograin, which is sensitive to processing parameters (such as temperature and time), is always a challenging issue to be solved and remains to date. Herein, we report an ultrafast nanostructuring strategy, namely ultrasonic vibration consolidation (UVC). The strategy utilizes internal friction heat, generated from mutually rubbing between Ti-based metallic glass powders, to heat the glassy alloy rapidly through its supercooled liquid regime, and accelerated viscous flow bonds the powders together. Consequently, bulk NC-Ti alloy with grain size ranging from 10 to 70 nm and nearly full density is consolidated in 2 seconds. The novel consolidation approach proposed here offers a general and highly efficient pathway for manufacturing bulk nanomaterials.



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