A 1000 Arab genome project to study the Emirati population

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Journal Article


Nature Publishing Group

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United Kingdom


School of Medical and Health Sciences


Originally published as: Al-Ali, M., Osman, W., Tay, G. K., & AlSafar, H. S. (2018). A 1000 Arab genome project to study the Emirati population. Journal of human genetics, 63(4), 533. Original article available here.


Discoveries from the human genome, HapMap, and 1000 genome projects have collectively contributed toward the creation of a catalog of human genetic variations that has improved our understanding of human diversity. Despite the collegial nature of many of these genome study consortiums, which has led to the cataloging of genetic variations of different ethnic groups from around the world, genome data on the Arab population remains overwhelmingly underrepresented. The National Arab Genome project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) aims to address this deficiency by using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to provide data to improve our understanding of the Arab genome and catalog variants that are unique to the Arab population of the UAE. The project was conceived to shed light on the similarities and differences between the Arab genome and those of the other ethnic groups