Ways of coming to knowing through embodied methodologies

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Journal Article


Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science


School of Arts and Humanities


Downing, B (2014). Coming to knowing through embodied methodologies. Outskirts. 32. Article Available here.


This paper emerges from my doctoral research: Feeling the fleshed body: The aftermath of childhood rape. The most crucial understanding to emerge from my research is that sexual trauma begins, in the first instance, not at a psychological level, as much of the literature asserts, but rather, at the level of the body. This paper, written in two parts, elucidates the contribution a body-focused combined methodological approach made to my rape trauma research by examining two of the three modes of embodied inquiry undertaken for the project: writing-as-inquiry and performance-making-as-inquiry. To help illustrate these methodologies, the paper samples some of my poetic, journal, and performance reflection writing.