The special team elite

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Austin Macauley Publishers

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Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts


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Yekanians, S. (2018). The special team elite. London: Austin Macauley Publishers.
ISBN 1788234235, ISBN 978-1788234238

Illustrated by Lyndall Adams.


The Special Team Elite is an endearing story that deals with the adolescent themes of bullying, racial discrimination and ultimately appreciation of individualism in a world that, at times, is unforgiving of ‘the other’. The story reflects the real-life experiences of writer Dr Soseh Yekanians, who struggled to find her own identity as a young Armenian immigrant in Australia.The story follows Siran, a young girl who is faced with the struggles of loving her individual qualities or conforming to the pressures placed upon her by others. The question for her is: what is the ‘ideal norm’? Whilst on this journey of self-discovery, Siran finds a unique camaraderie with Soraya, who is a recently arrived refugee from Afghanistan, and Sinéad, who is a feisty red-head from Ireland. All three young girls instantly develop a unique bond through commonality of their differences and eventually embark on a lifelong friendship.