Intelligent AgriTrade to abet Indian farming

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Intelligent Systems Design and Applications




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Wagaskar, K., Joshi, N., Tripathy, A. K., Datar, G., Singhvi, S., & Paul, R. (2017). Intelligent AgriTrade to abet Indian farming. In International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (pp. 932-941). Springer, Cham.


The present Indian agricultural system is embedded with advanced services like GPS, weather sensors, etc. which facilitate in communicating with each other, and analysis of the ground level real-time or near real data. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides services in the form of cloud to agricultural systems. Agriculture-Cloud and ICT offers knowledge features to farmers regarding ultra-modern farming, pricing, fertilizers, pest/disease management, etc. Scientists/Experts working at Agriculture research stations and extensions can add their findings, recommendations regarding up-to-date practices for cultivation, and related practices. In this work an attempt has been made to design and implement a simple Cloud based application on Agriculture System which is based on AgriTrade on cloud that will enrich agriculture production and also boost the accessibility of data related to field level investigation and also in laboratory. The impact of undertaking such a tool would cut the cost, time and will increase the agricultural production in a relatively much faster and easier way. The system is intelligent to tell the environment statistics to the farmer for improved approach towards agriculture.



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