Getting to ‘agreed’ post-mining land use–an ecosystem services approach

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Originally published as: Rosa, J. C. S., Sánchez, L. E., & Morrison-Saunders, A. (2018). Getting to ‘agreed’post-mining land use–an ecosystem services approach. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 36(3), 220-229. Original article available here


Mining companies are expected to ensure a positive legacy for communities and to engage them in defining post-mining land uses. This paper examined how an ecosystem service approach might be utilised to arrive at agreed post-mining land uses acceptable to communities and the mining company during mine closure planning. This was investigated in the context of a major bauxite mine in the Amazon region of Brazil. Data were gathered through document analysis, interviews with communities and a workshop with company staff. Using an ecosystem services approach enabled a focused rehabilitation goal on relevant services to be identified that would deliver social and ecological benefits alike. Company staff favourably viewed this approach as an opportunity to engage communities. Overall taking an ecosystem services approach provided a pathway for getting to an agreed post-mining land use as its inherent anthropic focus provides a way to include community perspectives.



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