Enhancing cyber security awareness with mobile games

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Conference Proceeding


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


Security Research Institute


Originally published as: Alotaibi, F., Furnell, S., Stengel, I., & Papadaki, M. (2018). Enhancing cyber security awareness with mobile games. Paper presented at the 2017 12th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, ICITST 2017, 129-134. Original article available here


The ever-increasing threats on cybersecurity has consequently increased the need for enhanced awareness about cybersecurity and its various threats among public. This paper presents the design aspects of the two mobile gaming applications including Malware Guardian game, and Password Protector game. Further, different mobile games concept developed during the course of the study is also presented. The malware Guardian was aimed at educating the users about different security threats, security issues, the risks associated with it and the tools to be used for preventing these attacks. The Password Protector is aimed at educating the users about the need for creating strong and complex passwords, remembering and changing them frequently. Both the games are in the final phase of design, and will be developed once the design specifications are outlined. The major design aspects of the two gaming applications are presented in this paper, which are carefully crafted after a peer review of functions and technologies to be associated with.