Role modelling and its impact on the self-development of academics

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Book Chapter

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Leadership and Role Modelling


Palgrave Macmillan

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School of Business and Law




Nyanjom, J. (2018). Role modelling and its impact on the self-development of academics. In S. Vidyasagar & P. Hatti (Eds.), Leadership and Role Modelling (pp. 23-45). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.


Academics in higher education are expected by their institutions to enhance their self-development. Role modelling is a means by which academics may achieve pertinent self-development goals. The focus of this chapter is to explore how role modelling can be used in this regard. Through a comprehensive literature review, the dynamics of role modelling in the context of higher education is explored. The author discusses the intricate processes involved in how role modelling can positively influence the personal and professional development of academics. Theoretical perspectives of professional identity construction through role modelling are examined. The author presents the position that academics will utilise role models for personal and professional development throughout their careers. In this context, the processes of role model selection are examined, and the theoretical underpinnings guiding the achievement of self-developmental goals are discussed. The author concludes that role modelling can be applied as an avenue to personal and professional development for academics. The author also proposes practical recommendations to facilitate role modelling interventions within the context of higher education and suggests avenues for future research.



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