Nostalgia and the development of film tourism products and activities: the case of Korean audiences of Hong Kong films

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Kim S., Kim S.. (2018) Nostalgia and the Development of Film Tourism Products and Activities: The Case of Korean Audiences of Hong Kong Films. In: Kim S., Reijnders S. (eds) Film Tourism in Asia. Perspectives on Asian Tourism. Springer, Singapore. Available here


Nostalgia plays a crucial role not only in stimulating perceived familiarity with certain locations but also in motivating tourists to visit the locations and satisfying on-site experiences in the context of film tourism. However, the role of nostalgia has, until now, not been fully theorised and integrated in related theories on film tourism. This chapter aims to examine and identify the role of nostalgia in the development of future film tourism products and activities in Hong Kong, particularly those that target Korean audiences who enjoyed Hong Kong films produced from the 1970s to the late 1990s. The findings suggest that nostalgia formed by lasting memories of these Hong Kong films from the ‘good old days’ is represented and embodied by (1) memories of films’ content and film stars, (2) memories of film backdrops, (3) reminiscence of mimicking, (4) envy of Hong Kong society and (5) memories of Hong Kong history and culture. Stronger feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality, particularly associated with film content and film stars, as well as film backdrops, are crucial to the support needed for the development of Hong Kong film tourism-related tour programmes.



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