Placing knowledge in the body: Western Australian choreographers dancing with a bullet

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Journal Article

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Brolga: An Australian Journal about Dance


Australian Dance Council

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Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications




McKenzie, V. (2017). Placing knowledge in the body: Western Australian choreographers dancing'with a bullet'. Brolga: An Australian Journal about Dance, (41), 26-42.Available here.


In 2014 I investigated the studio processes of seven Western Australian choreographers to develop case studies that unpack the memories, emotions, and sensations illuminating creative decision making in experts. This project took place within the context of a curated dance work, 'With a Bullet: The Album Project' (Cursio 2006-7, 'With a Bullet: The Album Project'; 2013-4, 'With a Bullet: W.A. Edition'; subsequently in this paper, 'WAB'), that poses a nostalgic and experimental challenge to the choreographers, inviting them to recall the first song to which they ever 'made up a dance', and to use this piece of music as a springboard for, and soundtrack to, a new piece of choreography. Nat Cursio, the original curator and conceiver of the project, is an Australian contemporary dance choreographer and curator who has enjoyed critical and commercial success with several major curated works based in contemporary dance. 'WAB' was first produced in Melbourne in 2006, with a second season in 2007. This research draws on the W.A. Edition of the curated work, first produced in 2012, followed by a second stage development in 2013-4 that was funded by the Australian Council for the Arts.

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