Innovation and entrepreneurial orientation: The case of a global family wine firm

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Journal Article

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International Journal of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation


Inderscience Publishers

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United Kingdom


School of Business and Law




Alonso, A. D. (2017). Innovation and entrepreneurial orientation: the case of a global family wine firm. International Journal of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation, 1(2), 125-142.


While academic research emphasises the importance of innovation for many firms' long-term sustainability, some authors indicate that the literature primarily focuses on large companies, overlooking small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This study contributes to narrowing the knowledge gap on innovation in this domain, examining the case of Uruguay's Carrau Wines, a global family business. Data were collected since 2011 through interviews and email communication with the firm's owners, and the director of Wines of Uruguay. Content analysis identified that, fundamentally owners' leadership in diversifying and in investing on equipment and technology are driving innovation processes. These findings align with key variables and dimensions of the theory of innovation, particularly benefit-cost and resources. Entrepreneurial orientation emerged through the firm's strong focus on the Tannat grapes, as well as on product quality improvements, and on internationalisation efforts. The findings have important implications for family businesses, particularly those operating in emerging economies.



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