Stakeholders, collaboration, food, and wine: The case of Jumilla’s gastronomic days

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Journal Article

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Journal of Convention & Event Tourism


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Duarte Alonso, Abel (07.2016). Stakeholders, collaboration, food, and wine: The case of Jumilla's Gastronomic Days. Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, 17(3), 173-191. Available here


An emerging literature on gastronomic events highlights the growing interest among academics, event organizers, and development agencies in identifying potential or actual outcomes from gastronomic events. Partly in response to such interest, this study seeks to contribute to the literature on events management, studying the contribution of various stakeholders involved in the “Gastronomic Days” of Jumilla, Spain. Semi-structured, face-to-face, in-depth interviews were conducted with the managers and owners of four participating businesses to the event. The data collection was complemented through on-site visits, observations, and interviews with eight other local businesses. The findings underline the significance of collaboration among these participants to grow and sustain the event, as well as voluntary efforts by event “stakeholders.” Importantly, a common objective was identified in the form of enhancing the image of the local products, and overall that of the region, to “convert” residents, and also outside consumers and tourists to Jumilla's products. These findings have significant implications for Jumilla's community. In particular, the importance and efforts of a region's food stakeholders in contributing to adding value and improving the local food culture emerge as useful aspects, with potential benefits for local food growers, hospitality and tourism sectors, and residents. © 2016 Taylor & Francis.



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