Supervision: Vital for speech-language pathology

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Speech Pathology Australia


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Lewis, a. & MacDonald, J. (2017). Supervision: Vital for speech-language pathology. Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology 19(2)88-92. Available here


The health landscape is rapidly changing with health professionals needing to adapt to new and emerging environments, while still providing quality health care. Access to appropriate supervision can enable the workforce to deliver high-quality health care by supporting the development of knowledge and clinical skills in supervisees, thus improving client outcomes and reducing clinician stress and burnout. Recently, Speech Pathology Australia has been emphasising the importance of supervision for speech-language pathologists with new publications and website resources. Empirical evidence of the benefits of clinical supervision specifically for speech-language pathologists is largely lacking in the literature. This paper draws on relevant literature from other professions to build a case for the need for all practising speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to receive regular clinical supervision. From this literature a framework for undertaking supervision has been constructed, recommending a focus on reflection and relationships. Key points support SLPs in their implementation of supervision, to optimise the benefits and outcomes. A future article will more specifically explore supervision for students.

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