Use of image recognition of social media

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Conference Proceeding


Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy

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Dunedin, N.Z




Originally published as: Mejtoft, T., Bahtiri, B., Cripps, H., & Söderström, U. (2017). Use of Image Recognition of Social Media. In ANZMAC 2017 (pp. 271-278). Original article available here


Images are central to firms in their use of social media platforms as part of their marketing strategy. Images are a powerful online marketing tool as they allow for engagement and personalisation of marketing content for individual customers. However, images can be a double edge sword in the web 2.0 world, where consumers are able to post content to branded social media sites. This study evaluates the benefits of integrating image recognition into social media from the users perspective. The pilot study undertaken found the majority of the participants thought the possibilities presented for image recognition technology are useful, however they showed concern in relation to their privacy if this technology were to be in social media networks. The results also showed that prior familiarity with this technology does not have any significant impact in how social media users feel about having this technology in social media.

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