Perceived importance and readiness of green HRM in Malaysian financial services industry

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Ooi, S. K., Amran, A., Goh, S., & Nejati, M. (2017). Perceived Importance and Readiness of Green HRM in Malaysian Financial Services Industry. Global Business and Management Research, 9(4s), 457-474. Available here.


Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) practices are the primary factor in driving the green workforce that not only comprehend, but also cherish and apply the environmental measures throughout the HRM processes. The purpose of this research is to examine the perceived importance of GHRM and readiness of the financial institutions to embrace GHRM practices. 504 stakeholders across the financial services industry (FSI) were surveyed to identify their perception on the importance of GHRM. Besides that, 38 HR professionals in the FSI were examined to reveal their readiness of GHRM implementation. Despite the findings indicated that GHRM is perceived to be an important factor, those financial institutions are indecisive in GHRM implementation. Hence, there is a gap between the stakeholders' perception and FSI's readiness. Overall, it is suggested that GHRM is still at the introductory stage across Malaysian FSI. Since a gap exists between the stakeholders' perception and FSI's GHRM readiness, it can be concluded that a GHRM process model for the FSI is crucial to ease the process of GHRM adoption. Additionally, a GHRM implementation framework would be helpful to enhance the readiness of GHRM implementation. This paper provides useful information on the perceived importance of GHRM from the FSI stakeholders' perspective and the readiness of GHRM implementation.

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