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Masudin, I., Fernanda, F. W., Jie, F., & Djajadikerta, H. (2018, September). Muslim and non-muslim perceptions on Halal Meat Logistics (HML). In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 403, No. 1, p. 012054). IOP Publishing. Original paper can be found on the publishers website here


The study explores customer preferences of willingness to pay halal meat products based on logistics activities for Indonesian consumers in muslim and non-muslim areas. Two different Indonesian places were chosen to explore and compare the difference preferences about halal meat products. This paper investigates the factors influencing muslim consumers to pay halal meat products especially in term of logistics activity factors. The respondents of East Java and Bali provinces are collected to be compared to explore consumers' preferences in purchasing halal meat products in term logistics activities. Statistics descriptive is used to answer the research question using Cut off Point (COP) or average ration to figure out the distribution data of respondents in two different areas. Two variables considered in this study are halal logistic performance and customer's satisfaction.



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