Food, wine and China: A tourism perspective from Western Australia

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Oxford, UK


Pforr, C. & Phau, I.


School of Business and Law




Dowling, R.(2018). Food, wine and China: A tourism perspective from Western Australia. In Pforr, C. & Phau , I.(Eds.) Food, Wine and China: A tourism perspective (pp 121-138). Oxford, UK: Routledge.


Food and wine tourism is an Australian success story and in Western Australia food, wine and tourism have been linked for more than two decades. This chapter describes wine and tourism, and ultimately, food, wine and tourism, in Australia and Western Australia (WA) since the state hosted the First Australian Wine Tourism Conference Wine Tourism: Perfect Partners in 1998. Today, food and wine tourism is an important element in the visitor experience in Western Australia. In 2013 leisure travel in WA was worth $4.6 billion and an estimated 1.1 million visitors participated in food and wine activities while on holiday or on a day trip (Tourism Western Australia, 2015a).

This chapter links this growth to that of the growing number of Chinese tourists who in recent years have risen to the sixth most important market in WA by visitor numbers, and second in relation to visitor spend. It first describes tourism in Western Australia within the context of the overall international visitation by tourists to Australia. The second part examines Chinese visitors to Australia, their growing importance in relation to both visitor numbers and yield, and their key market segments. The third part examines the g1:owing market segment of food and wine tourism in Australia and Western Australia. It examines the visitor experiences of food and wine tourists and outlines Taste 2020, WA' s food and wine strategy. The final part of the chapter summarises the present position in regard to the imp01tance of food and wine tourism in WA for Chinese tourists.

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