Conclusions: Thinking about the future

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Book Chapter

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Handbook of Geotourism


Edward Elgar Publishing

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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK


Dowling, R. & Newsome, D.


School of Business and Law




Newsome, D. & Dowling, R. K. (2018). Conclusions: Thinking about the future. In Dowling, R. & Newsome, D. (Eds.) Handbook of Geotourism (pp 475-482). Edward Elgar Publishing.


Our aim in editing and writing parts of this book has been to compile a text that gives a fully international perspective, while at the same time serving as resource for students, researchers and practitioners. We feel that we have achieved this under the main sections of this book covering the overarching topics of ‘geology and tourism’, ‘geotourism, society and sustainability’, ‘geotourism in urban areas’, ‘interpretation and education strategies’, ‘geotourism’s contribution to geoparks’ and ‘case studies in geotourism’. Part I of the book (Geology and tourism) includes chapters on what aspects of geology tourism professionals might focus on in regard to content that engages the visiting public. The relationship between geodiversity, geoheritage and geo-conservation to tourism is explored in Chapter 2. Part I additionally contains content on geology and culture, the nature of geotourists and moves into the realms of who engages with geotourism at an academic level and considers where geotourism is studied. In this regard Ruban (Chapter 6) provides a brief consideration of the ‘explosion’ of information and the geotourism work published in peer-reviewed journals such as Geoheritage. Part I is completed with an examination of the role of geographic information systems in mapping and assessing landscapes and providing tools that can be used in route planning, risk assessment, event planning, site assessment and monitoring for geotourism. Part I of the book thus sets the scene for the interdisciplinary nature of geotourism providing insight into how geology and tourism are combined into the specific subject of geotourism.



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