Corporate social responsibility: Innovative reporting reflecting practice and performance

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Ong, T. & Djajadikerta, H.(2018) Corporate social responsibility: Innovative reporting reflecting practice and performance. AFAANZ Conference. Available here


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has progressed from an initial mere idealistic notion to a concept that many have embraced and have established its importance in making developments sustainable. While there is no argument to the importance of CSR, there are challenging issues in CSR reporting that have remained unresolved for decades. These challenges include issues such as the lack of a standardised CSR reporting framework and the missing link between CSR disclosures and effective CSR practices and performances for genuine sustainable developments. Schaltegger et al. (2017) advocates that innovations of accounting and reporting in CSR are essential. Adopting the six attributes of innovations proposed by Baregheh et al. (2009), Schaltegger et al. presented how innovations can be applied to the context of CSR. This paper employed Schaltegger et al.’s concepts of innovations on accounting for CSR through the use of the innovative GRI-based CSR scoring and reporting index developed in Ong et al. (2016) to evaluate the extent of CSR reporting in the Australian resources industry.

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