Optimization of facing process by indigenously developed force dynamometer

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Journal Article

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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


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School of Engineering




Hanif, M. I., Aamir, M., Ahmed, N., Maqsood, S., Muhammad, R., Akhtar, R., & Hussain, I. (2018). Optimization of facing process by indigenously developed force dynamometer. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 100(5-8) 1893–1905.

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Cutting forces in machining process provide useful information in understanding the mechanics of machining process, tool wear, tool/workpiece material selection, and quality of a machined surface. In addition, cutting force measurements has become a crucial activity for process enhancement and optimization. In this study, a strain gauges-based novel force dynamometer capable of measuring cutting forces in facing process has been designed and manufactured to measure optimal cutting parameters for the studied material, i.e., mild steel A1010. The selection of orientation of strain gauges was set in the developed dynamometer to have maximum sensitivity and minimum cross-sensitivity during facing process. The dynamometer was connected to a quarter bridge data acquisition system for signal capturing and processing to achieve cutting forces at selected cutting conditions. The rigidity and stiffness of the dynamometer were also analyzed by determining its natural frequency at the design stage. Finally, Taguchi method is deployed on experimental results at specified cutting parameters to get optimal parameters for selected material. The dynamometer was experimentally tested, and results obtained are found in good relation to the numerical data (simulated) that confirm its reliability to measure the cutting forces in all three components (x, y, and z) for facing process.



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