Internet of Things (IoT): Research, simulators, and testbeds

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Journal Article

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IEEE Internet of Things Journal




School of Science / Security Research Institute




Chernyshev, M., Baig, Z., Bello, O., & Zeadally, S. (2018). Internet of Things (IoT): research, simulators, and testbeds. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 5(3), 1637-1647.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) vision is increasingly being realized to facilitate convenient and efficient human living. To conduct effective IoT research using the most appropriate tools and techniques, we discuss recent research trends in the IoT area along with current challenges faced by the IoT research community. Several existing and emerging IoT research areas such as lightweight energy-efficient protocol development, object cognition and intelligence, as well as the critical need for robust security and privacy mechanisms will continue to be significant fields of research for IoT. IoT research can be a challenging process spanning both virtual and physical domains through the use of simulators and testbeds to develop and validate the initial proof-of-concepts and subsequent prototypes. To support researchers in planning IoT research activities, we present a comparative analysis of existing simulation tools categorized based on the scope of coverage of the IoT architecture layers. We compare existing large-scale IoT testbeds that have been adopted by researchers for examining the physical IoT prototypes. Finally, we discuss several open challenges of current IoT simulators and testbeds that need to be addressed by the IoT research community to conduct large-scale, robust and effective IoT simulation, and prototype evaluations.



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