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Liu, L., Zhang, T., Liu, Z., Yu, C., Dong, X., He, L., ... & Li, P. (2018). Near-net forming complex shaped Zr-based bulk metallic glasses by high pressure die casting. Materials, 11(11), 2338.

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Forming complex geometries using the casting process is a big challenge for bulk metallic glasses (BMGs), because of a lack of time of the window for shaping under the required high cooling rate. In this work, we open an approach named the “entire process vacuum high pressure die casting” (EPV-HPDC), which delivers the ability to fill die with molten metal in milliseconds, and create solidification under high pressure. Based on this process, various Zr-based BMGs were prepared by using industrial grade raw material. The results indicate that the EPV-HPDC process is feasible to produce a glassy structure for most Zr-based BMGs, with a size of 3 mm × 10 mm and with a high strength. In addition, it has been found that EPV-HPDC process allows complex industrial BMG parts, some of which are hard to be formed by any other metal processes, to be net shaped precisely. The BMG components prepared by the EVP-HPDC process possess the advantages of dimensional accuracy, efficiency, and cost compared with the ones formed by other methods. The EVP-HPDC process paves the way for the large-scale application of BMGs.



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