Behaviour and design of spiral-welded stainless steel tubes subjected to axial compression

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Journal of Constructional Steel Research


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ARC Number : 170100001


Li, D., Uy, B., Aslani, F., & Hou, C. (2019). Behaviour and design of spiral-welded stainless steel tubes subjected to axial compression. Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 154, 67-83.

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Spiral welded stainless steel tubes are produced by helical welding of a continuous stainless steel strip. Recently, spiral welded stainless steel tubes have found increasing application in the construction industry due to their ease of fabrication and aesthetic appeal. However, an in-depth understanding of the behaviour of these types of structural elements is still needed due to the insufficient experimental evidence and lack of rational design guidance. In the present paper, an extensive experimental program was carried out to investigate the behaviour of axially loaded hollow and concrete-filled spiral welded stainless steel tubes. The effects of various design parameters were investigated throughout the test program. In addition to the experiments, this paper presents a finite element model for the prediction of these columns. Specifically, the proposed finite element models take into account the effects of material and geometric nonlinearities. The helical welding is modelled as an independent part that is further tied to the stainless steel tube. Moreover, the initial imperfections of the stainless steel tube and the residual stresses resulting from helical welding are included. Enhancement of the understanding of the experimental results can be achieved by extending the parametric studies based on the developed finite element model. Furthermore, a comparison of the ultimate strength between the experimental results and those obtained from existing codes of practice is conducted.



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