Keeping managers in the not for profit sector: what kind of passion sustains employment?

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Conference Proceeding

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ACUR - Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research 2015


Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research

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University of Western Australia


School of Business / Centre for Innovative Practice




Toop, R., & Barratt-Pugh, L. (2015). Keeping managers in the not for profit sector: what kind of passion sustains employment?. In International Conference of Undergraduate Research & Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research. Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research, Perth. Conference website may be viewed here


This paper reports on the outcome of an Honours thesis and on the learning of an Honours student. The study purpose was to improve understanding of the factors influencing staff retention in the Not-for-Profit sector. The study explores how the different forms of passion for working in the Not- for-Profit sector impact on staff as their employment continues and they make decisions about staying or leaving. This paper reviews the relevant existing literature on labour turnover and employee job motivation and produces a conceptual framework of the factors impacting on staff in the Not-for-Profit sector. The fieldwork consisted of collecting 108 questionnaire responses from staff in four community-based human-services organisations. The analysis indicated that harmonious passion and on-the-job embeddedness were key determinants of staff tenure. Subsequent reflection on the Honours study experience indicated that flexibility good communication and listening skills had been critical to the learning experience.

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