Development of design charts for the dynamic active thrust from c–ϕ soil backfills

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Originally published as: Gupta A., Chandaluri V.K., Sawant V.A., Shukla S.K. (2019) Development of Design Charts for the Dynamic Active Thrust from cϕ Soil Backfills. In: Adimoolam B., Banerjee S. (eds) Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 15. Springer, Singapore. Original chapter available here


This paper presents design charts to calculate dynamic active thrust on retaining walls resulting from cϕ soil backfills. Shukla (J Geotech Geoenviron Eng ASCE 135:690–696, 2015) derived an explicit generalized analytical expression to calculate dynamic active thrust using the pseudo-static approach. This approach evaluates the dynamic active thrust accounting for all possible and the influencing factors. Using the explicit generalized analytical expression, the influence of various key factors such as backfill inclination, dimensionless cohesion, and angle of shearing resistance, horizontal and vertical seismic coefficients are studied. The design charts are presented in non-dimensional form. These charts are straightforward and can be adopted for the design of retaining walls in seismic zone. The active earth pressure coefficient and the critical value of inclination of the failure plane, obtained from the present study, are validated with studies reported in the literature.