Injury risk management training for leaders

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Conference Proceeding


Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc.

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Melbourne, Victoria


School of Medical and Health Sciences




Cattani, M., Jones, R., & Boylan, J. (2018). Injury risk management training for leaders. In proceedings of Australian institute of occupational hygienists Inc. 36th annual conference & exhibition (pp. 54). Melbourne, Victoria: Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc. Available here


Whilst the development of a West Australian response to the model Work Health and Safety legislation is ongoing, some work has commenced to prepare organisations for the changes this legislation is likely to bring. This paper describes the outcomes of the research concerned with the identification of educational needs from 1288 participants from the WA Government Mines Safety Roadshow over 2 years. Participants indicated their perception of their own effectiveness and their employers’ effectiveness in a range of disciplines associated with the implementation of WHS legislation. In addition, participants informed on a variety of issues concerning their training needs, and preferred delivery mode. Participants indicated a strong need for an educational program which not only informed them of the new legislation, but also the fundamentals of work health and safety, such as hazard identification, and disciplines such as leadership and culture, and emergency management.

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