Structural performance of screw anchors of different types under the tensile loading

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Conference Proceeding


Federation internationale du beton (fib)

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Melbourne, Australia


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Cattani, M., Jones, R., & Boylan, J. (2018). Structural performance of screw anchors of different types under the tensile loading. In proceedings of the fib Congress 2018, Better-Smarter-Stronger. Melbourne, Victoria: Federation internationale du beton (fib) Available here


There is limited literature available on the behaviour of screw anchors in concrete. The most substantial research on screw anchors was performed in the early 2000 when there was little variety of screw anchors. This early study found out that the type of screw anchors has little effect on their structural performance. However, a much greater variety of screw anchors is available today. The limited experimental results available from more recent studies show that different types of anchors of the same diameter and embedment depth may behave differently. Three types of screw anchors of the same diameter were installed in two grades of plain concrete at two different embedment depths. This research is ongoing and the aim is to include a wider range of screw anchors in order to cover all different thread patterns available in the international market. The preliminary results confirm that there is correlation between the tensile capacity of anchors and the anchor type. The ultimate tensile capacity, load-displacement and the related failure modes of the three types of anchors tested so far are further scrutinised in this paper.

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