The ANC victorious: winning the election, losing the masses

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Originally published as: Hale, B. (2014). The ANC victorious: winning the election, losing the masses. On Line Opinion. Original article available here


On the 24th of May, 2014, Jacob Zuma was sworn into office for a second term as South Africa's President in an elaborate celebration held at the union building in Pretoria, which featured a local choir, musicians and dancers. However, despite the ANC's landslide victory at the polls, commanding an impressive 62.15 percent of the vote, a deeper analysis of the election results casts a long shadow over the party's recent celebrations. Although the ANC has narrowly avoided going under the much dreaded 60 percent support margin, which some commentators suggested would have created an internal crisis, its support has fallen overall by 4 percent since 2009 and 8 percent since 2004.

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