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Hale, B. (2018). Is Cyril Ramaphosa another presidential chameleon?. On Line Opinion. Available here


Earlier this year South African President Jakob Zuma was recalled almost 10 years after he seized office and replaced by ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa. Though some have been optimistic about his tenure as president, there are many reasons to be sceptical or even cynical about a Ramaphosa presidency. Much like his predecessor, Ramaphosa is a political chameleon, a wildcard, with a reputation for contradictions; he is seen as business friendly but with a trade union pedigree, strongly anti-corruption but embedded in a corrupt political party, and a CEO president and champion of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). However, whereas Zuma was dogged with nearly 800 allegations of corruption even prior to his presidency, Ramaphosa has largely remained untainted by corruption allegations, though a closer look at his rise to corporate success raises eyebrows.

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