Adsorption of cerium (III) by HKUST-1 metal-organic framework from aqueous solution

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Journal Article

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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


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Originally published as: Zhao, L., Azhar, M. R., Li, X., Duan, X., Sun, H., Wang, S., & Fang, X. (2019). Adsorption of cerium (III) by HKUST-1 metal-organic framework from aqueous solution. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 542, 421-428. Original article available here


Cerium is an important rare earth element (REE), which can be used for many high-tech applications. From the industrial and environmental viewpoints, it is imperative to recover Ce 3+ ions from aqueous solution. Herein, HKUST-1 metal-organic framework (MOF) was applied for adsorption and recovery of Ce 3+ from aqueous solution. HKUST-1 showed a high adsorption efficiency and remarkable capacity of 353 mg/g at pH = 6. The isotherm, kinetics, effect of pH value and adsorption mechanism of the Ce 3+ adsorption process were also studied. The results showed that the adsorption process fitted the Langmuir adsorption model, and the pseudo-second-order model described the kinetics well. The mechanism and reusability in Ce 3+ adsorption were systematically investigated by various characterization techniques, suggesting the possible ion exchange between Ce 3+ and Cu 2+ and the formation of Ce–O covalent bonding. This work opens up a new way for Ce 3+ recovery from water. © 2019